"Stacey’s passion for design is infectious..."

Our recent decision to sell a large family home and relocate to a small condo soon became an overwhelming process that left us feeling immobilized. Even the appeal of an ocean view was quickly overshadowed by the presence of drab, characterless rooms, aged tile floors, and worn wall-to-wall carpet. From the first moment we met Stacey we were able to relax and enjoy her creative energy as she suggested ways to imagine the space to make it feel fresh and exciting. She transformed our condo from a tired and lifeless space to one filled with light, style, function and beauty! Stacey’s passion for design is infectious and her ideas shine with brilliance and innovation. She listened to our suggestions and concerns, but gently nudged us to make the best choices and take artistic risks. Stacey applied her strong work ethic and extensive knowledge to create a unique and authentic feeling of home that reflects who we are. She was always respectful of our budget, yet relentless in her pursuit of the smallest detail, such as the perfect pair of bedside lamps.

Stacey is truly gifted designer with a lovely personality. She was such a joy to work with that we may have to buy another condo so we can do this again!

Susan and Don, Victoria

"..my listings sell for more"

 “I have been working exclusively with  Interior Styles By Stacey for the past decade. She is extremely creative, imaginative and very professional;  able to envision the best look for the property that will result in that instant Buyer appeal that my Seller’s are looking for. I am confident that my listings sell for more money and faster because they are staged by this talented lady. Keep up the great work!"

Stephanie Peat, Realtor

DFH Real Estate MLS Silver Award Winner 2013

Congratulations. It's just breathtaking"

Before I left LA, we (staff and family ) took a tour of the properties.  It was a loving experience, and most of all, the staff is thrilled to have the opportunity to live in these beautiful spaces.  You and Tracey are remarkable, and as usual, knocked it out of the park.   

Every property is perfect for the individual employees as well as their families who are living there.    

I love the various things we did inside the main house.   The wallpaper in the powder room is terrific. The cottage loft is exactly what I imagined it would be, only better.    

You’re wonderfully gifted designers.  Most people have no concept of the time and work it takes to design and install a project.  It involves very long hours and very hard work.  I love the creative part most of all, but the grind and time involved in pulling all the pieces together is something no one understands unless you've done it.    

Congratulations on a terrific job on the seven properties in LA. Congratulations. It's just breathtaking.   All the very best,   Mrs. S

"...Creating the Look You Love to Live In"

“I never would have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes: Stacey has taken our small, cluttered space and transformed it into a gorgeous and peaceful home. It has practical beauty that was definitely missing before, tons more space and a new sense of harmony. We only wish we’d done this years ago!”

Angela and Darrel, Sidney

"The moment I stepped into the room, I knew... it was EXACTLY what I wished for!"

I can't thank you enough!!!  It's so much better than I could ever have imagined!!!  I'm over the moon giddy!!!

It's like a magazine!  I can't believe I'm in my own house!

Renovating or redecorating... it's exciting, but can be a bit overwhelming too.

Where should you start?  How much can you afford to spend?  After 23 years with the same furniture, it was time for a change, no it was necessary!

Stepping out and asking for help, how to place my furniture, with new purchases and of course painting old furniture to look like new.  The decisions, indecisions, the emails and texts, the support you showed me, through it all.

I can't believe it but now here it is...the night before the big reveal, how do I feel?  Excited, nervous, will I like it? Love it?  Hate it?

The moment I stepped into the room, I knew... it was EXACTLY what I wished for!  I highly recommend you both, you are an amazing team together, extremely talented and gorgeous both of you!    Thank you again, ever so much... from the bottom of my heart.     

Dawn, The Evans Clan and of course Billy too xoxo

"...You certainly have incredible talent"

“What you've done is nothing short of amazing. I'd like to buy this home! I also liked your arrangements and how you grouped items - interesting and warm and therefore appealing. You certainly have incredible talent.   Thank you."

Andy,  Victoria